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Merritt Ceramics

Made by Merritt - SiO2 Black Ice Decorating Slip PINT


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We have taken Sio2's Black Ice porcelain clay body and liquified it so you don't have to! This slip is great for joining clay together and/or for decorative purposes. Ever wanted to cover your work with some smooth black porcelain? Now you can! Ever wanted to get trippy flowing texture on your work? No problem!


Black Ice Slip comes in PINT sized plastic containers.

SiO2 Black Ice fired appearance cone 5:
Oxidation: Black - Reduction: n/a
Avg. Shrinkage at cone 6: 2±% 10.3%
Avg. Water Absorption at cone 6: 1±%: 0%


This slip is NOT formulated for SLIP CASTING.

Every clay body shrinks uniquely as it dries and expands and contracts slightly differently as it gets fired. Always test beforehand when using multiple clay bodies on the same piece of work.

Second image: right half of the example is fired with a glossy clear coat.