Outside Firing Services

Have an at-home studio but need a kiln to fire your work? Not a Merritt Ceramics member but still getting your clay on?

How Does it Work?


Purchase your clay from Merritt Ceramics (required).


Clay, clay, clay at home. Eat, get some rest, clay some more.


When you're finished, drop your leather hard/bone dry pieces off in one batch at the Shop during Open Hours. Be sure to set up an Outside Firing account with a member of staff upon drop off.


BAM! In about 10-14 days your bisqued work will be ready to glaze!


Glaze at home or schedule a Studio Glaze Pass and use our studio dipping glazes (must have experience with dipping glazes).


Drop off your freshly glazed pieces off In one batch back at the Shop during Open Hours. Almost there...


DONE! In about 10-14 days your finished pieces will be ready for pick up!


5" x 5" x 5" $15.00
per cubic foot $30.00
half kiln (5 cubic feet) $100.00
full kiln (9.9 cubic feet) $165.00
glazing day pass $35.00

*All clay must be purchased from Merritt Ceramics