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Duncan White Gold Overglaze Luster, 2 grams


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Apply over fired glaze to add brilliant white gold accents that’ll make your project look like a million bucks! One coat of Precious Metals offers opaque coverage. Apply over gloss glazes for a shiny sheen or matte glazes for a subtle luster.

White gold old luster is real gold dissolved in an oil, when the oil burns off in the kiln, a deposit of pure white gold is left behind, if the temp is sufficient the glaze gets tacky and the gold sticks. Underfired and it rubs off, overfired it cracks and little islands of white gold are left floating on the glaze. Fire metallics to witness cone 019-018.

OG-802 Liquid Bright White Gold 2 grams

1. Be sure that the surface of your piece is free of dust, skin oils and lotions to ensure proper adhesion. Wipe surfaces with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the overglaze (except when used over crackle glazes). 2. Always apply with a brush that is designated solely for use with the Gold to prevent contamination. 3. Do not stir or shake glaze. 4. Place a small amount of overglaze on a glazed palette. Apply one smooth coat. Do not let the Gold pool in an area; brush it out smoothly. 5. Correct application should produce a Christmas green tint. 6. Clean brush in Essence and let dry. 7. Overglazed ware can be fired while it is still wet. The kiln must be clean, well-ventilated (do not overload) and follow a normal firing schedule. Do not touch wet decoration and handle as little as possible until ware is fired to avoid smudging. 8. Stilt and fire the White Gold to shelf cone 019-018.