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  • Clay Planet Terracotta is a low fire and mid fire red clay with a lot of grog.
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Clay Planet

Clay Planet Terracotta cone 06-6, 25lbs.


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Clay Planet's Terracotta clay is formulated for better plasticity and workability when hand-building, throwing or sculpting! Perhaps our most versatile body. Good for handbuilding and wheelthrowing at low or mid-fire temps.

1st image = fired to cone 06
2nd image = fired to cone 5/6

Fired Appearance:
cone 06 oxidation: earthen/orange - Reduction: N/A
cone 6 oxidation: rust red/brown - Reduction: N/A
Avg. Water Absorption at cone 06: 1±%: 8%
Avg. Shrinkage at cone 6: 2±%: 9%
Avg. Water Absorption at cone 6: 1±%: 1%

Weight: 1 bag = 25lbs