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  • The #5 Tungsten carbide tool has a shark fin head for trimming and is best used for left handers.
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Hsin Tools

Hsin Tools - #5 Tungsten Carbide Trimming Tool


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The #5 trimming tool is made with a Tungsten carbide head and stainless steel handle. These tools maintain a sharp cutting edge much longer, and rust free. Tungsten carbide is a very hard, dense material that is somewhat brittle. Please keep these tools from bumping each other, falling or being jumbled in a tool box to prevent from breaking.

The Tungsten carbide tools can be resharpened. If needed, you can use a fine diamond file to sharpen the inner side of the tools. For a resharpening video tutorial, click here.

Hsin Tools are made by local master potter, HsinChuen Lin, who is based in San Jose, California. You can find his YouTube channel for videos and tutorials at