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  • 8 inch diameter diamond grinding disc in 180 grit.
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Chinese Clay Art

Chinese Clay Art - 12" Diamond Grinding Disc, 180 grit


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The Diamond Grinding Disc is used for smoothing the bottoms of your glazed ceramics. This diamond grinding disc is fine course at 180 grit. It is great for removing glaze drips, stuck kiln wash left on bottoms, leveling warped or uneven bottoms!

Directions:Glue diamond grinding disc to a ceramic bat. Works great on any bat but be sure not to use on any bat where pins stick above the bat.
After attaching your bat back onto your wheel, use water to keep the surface lubricated while grinding.
Let the diamonds do the work! No need to hold your piece down heavily while grinding. Light pressure is all you need.
Dry your diamond disc and bat when not in use.