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Merritt Ceramics

Sipping and Slabbing w/ Steve

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Overview: This workshop is all about sipping wine and slab building.  Students will be introduced to slab building using templates, techniques for assembling and joining slabs, altering slab built forms and alternative handle making techniques for mugs or pitchers.       

Saturday, November 5th 11am-3pm

 The Details:

-Wine tasting of the following: 1 white French varietal and 1 white CA varietal and their tasting notes. 1 red French varietal and 1 red CA varietal and their tasting notes.

-All clay, tools, supplies and firings are included.   

- Students MUST be 21 or older.

-participants will receive 15% off from the Merritt Ceramics Supply Shop for the day only.  

-Students will be able to use the open studio for the remainder of the day once the workshop is over. 

-Choice of glaze for your piece to be glazed in by a member of staff. Work will be ready for pick up approx. 3 weeks from the date of the workshop 

Note: Masks required in studio at all times (except when drinking wine).  

Skill Level: All Levels of experience are welcome.