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Merritt Ceramics

Introduction to Atmospheric Kilns: Wood, Soda and Salt

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Ever wanted to learn how to make work specifically for Atmospheric Kilns?

In this 2 day workshop, you will learn awesome wheel throwing techniques as well as explore decorative ideas that are specific to atmospheric firings such as wood, soda and salt firings.
Ian Basset was recently featured on the cover of the Ceramics Monthly magazine for his soda fired work. He will blow your minds, but not your pots in this eye opening workshop!!

DATES: April 1-2, 10am-2pm


This workshop will address various approaches and techniques working on the potter's wheel. You will explore both fundamental and advanced concepts in wheel thrown pottery. The goal is to not only reinforce one's skills with throwing on the wheel, but to also broaden one's vocabulary in the throwing process. Students are encouraged to experiment! The workshop will also explore approaches to preparing for the Soda Firing process: considering how to create work that is designed to be atmospheric fired (wood, soda or salt fired pottery). You will learn how to apply flashing slips to leather hard pots and explore numerous different surface treatments and decorative ideas that will be accentuated in an atmospheric firing.

The aim is for participants to gain knowledge in "atmospheric Firings" and how students can tailor their work for this type of firing. There is not a firing element included in this workshop; however the intention is to give students an educational experience regarding atmospheric firings for their future journey in clay.


Note: No atmospheric firings are done in this workshop. 

Materials included: Clay, slips and bisque firing.

Level: Must be able to throw a cylinder.


Workshop Cancellation & Refund Policy: If you need to cancel your class, you must email 48 hours in advance to receive a refund minus a booking fee of $5. After that time there is no refunds.