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Laguna WC-160 Lavender Filigree, Pint


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Laguna® Crystal Blossom Glazes create dynamic crystals that can be achieved on a simple firing schedule in electric kilns!

Details:This glaze WILL RUN! Always use a catching plate under pots when firing.

Suggested Firing Schedule from Laguna:

Segment 1: Ramp 250*F per hour to 1250*F

Segment 2: Ramp 350*F per hour to 2140*F

Segment 3: Ramp 25*F per hour to 2165*F

Segment 4: 9999  cool down, then 1950 F for 3 hours.


(Varying conditions will alter results so testing and adjustments are necessary.)

Cone 5 Brushing Glaze in pint size.