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SiO2 Black Ice Porcelain, 11lbs.


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Black Ice is black porcelain body noted for its beautiful black graphite fired color. It has high plasticity, which makes it ideal for wheel-throwing and modeling. Its formula is very stable and provides a secure firing range between Cone 6 and Cone 7 (oxidizing atmosphere). Suitable for tableware. Supplied in a practical 5 kg cylindrical format with double packaging.

1st image = fired to cone 5
2nd image = fired to cone 6

Fired Appearance:
cone 6 oxidation: Black - Reduction: N/A
Avg. Shrinkage at cone 6: 2±%: 10.3%
Avg. Water Absorption at cone 6: 1±%: 0%

Weight: 1 bag =11lbs.