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Aztec High Fire Mender -


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Aztec High Fire mender

AZTEC HIGH FIRE MENDER is the high fire version of MAGIC MENDER.

AZTEC HIGH FIRE MENDER is recommended for porcelain, pottery, stoneware and clay firing cone 5/6 or up to cone 10. It is recommended for repairs, add-ons, attaching handles, sprig mold attachments  etc. 
It repairs broken pieces, fixes hairline cracks, attaches greenware to greenware, attaches greenware to bisque, attaches bisque to bisque. It removes hard spots. It acts like wood putty for larger are fill-ins. 
High Fire Mender is designed to be mixed with slip or clay of the same type as being mended.
Clean off excess High-Fire Mender before firing.
Fire at the temperature recommended for the slip or clay that was mixed with the Hi-Fire Mender.
Make sure that the mender is completely dry before firing.
Hi-Fire Mender must be fired to become permanent.

• Repair 
• Attach decorations 
• Repair broken pieces 
• Fix hairline cracks
• Attach greenware to bisque 
• Attach bisque to bisque 
High Fire Mender is for porcelain and stoneware and may be fired to high temperatures.