Here at Merritt Ceramics, we’re all about getting your hands muddy and up to your elbows in clay. We love to host private events and hands-on team building workshops, and can customize this creative experience to your group needs.

These workshops are great for company celebrations, friend and family outings, birthday parties, and more.



Groups <5 = $55 per person

Groups >6 = $50 per person

Youth ages 12-17 = $38 per person

Children ages 6-11 = $25 per person



This one’s got the best of both worlds. Double dip and try your hand at both the potter’s wheel and clay sculpture by hand building.



Wheel Throwing

Take your group for a spin! Learn the basics of clay throwing from our clay masters.




Clay creation without the wheel. Learn the tools of the trade and all the insider secrets to sculpt almost anything.

Mollys Baby Shower.jpg


Handbuilding activity ideas:
Big Pimpin Planters
Wall Hangings
Community Charms
Tile Mural
Texture Columns

Don’t see something you’re looking for? Let us know. We’d love to hear your funky, new, and creative ideas. Drop us a line here to learn more about booking us for a team building workshop.