like its local namesake, Lake Merritt, is a place for gathering. Established as a studio reflecting the diversity of the Oakland experience, MC provides energy and welcome to all who participate. Instructors encourage everyone to sculpt their own unique artistic abilities. Techniques are demonstrated and, importantly, the centering work with clay blends the hours spent into associations and friendships. Merritt Ceramics strives to enhance the culture of art in Oakland's neighborhoods through collaboration with guest artists, community events, and ceramic education.


Supply Shop

We've got the good goods over here at Merritt Ceramics! Need to up your texture tool game or underglaze library? Stop by our supply shop and stock up on some of your favorite clay tools and supplies! 


Featured Local Artist

We aren't ONLY crazy about clay. MC is just as excited about other mediums of expression. With more space to be creative, we have designated an area for local artists to showcase their work. Currently on display is ........